The company was founded by Xenofon Montsenigos in 1960, when he decided to take advantage of the increased production of fresh fish caught locally and in the neighbouring Albania by opening distribution channels to the retail and wholesale markets of Corfu and the main cities of Western Greece.

However, in the 1970’s, a reduction in fresh fish landings in the area, combined with the growth of Atlantic Ocean fisheries which used onboard mechanical refrigeration, spurred the widespread marketing of frozen fish. Therefore, in the early 1980’s, under the management of the second generation, the Company added the importation and distribution of frozen fish to its activities and also enhanced its product range with frozen meat cuts. The outcome of these decisions was a continuously rising turnover and an increase in profitability.

In 1984, with a mix of second and third generation members at the helm, Montsenigos X. & Sons S.A. took advantage of its accumulated experience and relocated to a new building with increased storage capacity, modernized its fleet of trucks and made a dynamic entrance to the wholesale markets of Greece while also pursuing exports in neighbouring countries. Furthermore, during that period the company started using primary processing methods on the fish catches which it traded. Increased demand, coupled with the continuous reduction in output of fish caught, led to optimisations in the company’s supply chain and to the sourcing of raw material from Western Africa, as well as from fisheries in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

In 2000, the Company constructed the state of the art processing plant in which it is currently located -- fully compliant to international standards of quality management and implementing a HACCP plan.

With a combination of technological innovation, know-how and accumulated experience Montsenigos X & Sons S.A. is meeting the challenges of global markets in the 21st century whilst maintaining its family character and continuing its drive to perform and improve.